Watch CNN live

Project Description

Watching CNN Live on a laptop or iPad is more than just the live video feed. Instead of seeing an infographic for a quick moment during a broadcast, the user can now really explore the graphic and dig deeper into the story.

We present the user additional content to supplement the live broadcast in real-time.

Missed a favorite show? The app also allows for the user to go back in time, as well as a rundown for what's coming next.

Early Ideation

Initial development started with a focus on the 10' experience or the set top box. Here are some initial explorations based on business rules. The user interacted with the remote control d-pad.

10 Foot Design

With the design system created, we designed and tested an optimal version incorporating user and client feedback. The STB version was designed and developed as the CNN GO app would live across platforms and devices.

iPad Designs

In parallel, we developed the iPad App designs. Working closely with the talented team at CNN, we explored a few more testable prototpypes.