• Process
    Step 1: Discovery
    Research, Requirements, Users and Delight.
  • Process
    Step 2: Ideation & UX
    Explorations, User Experience, Stories and Flows.
  • Process
    Step 3: Visual Design
    Visual Language, Style Guide, Micro-Interactions.
  • Process
    Step 4: Prototyping
    Build, Test, Repeat.
  • Process
    Step 5: Development
    Code, Test, Build and Deploy

Design Principles

Our process is based these core user-centric design principles
What happens next should be expected - not a surprise.
Progressive Disclosure
Keep the cognitive load light. Gradually expose more UI as needed.
Focus and lead the user through the experience. Don't rely on lazy option lists.
Supporting Context
Supporting context informs the user's decision making process.
As the Skinner Box experiment proved, animals respond to affirmations of behavior. So do Humans. Reward the user with positive interactions.
The product should surprise and delight the user in fun, human ways.


We build outstanding, stable, and reliable products that use the most appropriate technologies and methods.

From Angular.js to React.js to Enjo, we've worked with all the current JavaScript frameworks. Enterprise? Been there done that.

Either your technology stack our ours. We find poetry in beautiful code.

Have a technology stack? Awesome! We'll build something great on top of that.

Don't have an existing technology stack or want something new? Cool! We'll build it together.

No platform is too big or too small. From native iOS and Android apps to hybrid web-apps, from embedded systems to enterprise systems, we've built them all and love doing it. Rigorous testing methodologies and agile approach allows us to work faster and smarter.

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Core Team

Supplementing our team members is an outstanding group of specialists that join us as needed.

David is an award-winning creative director with over 20 years experience across many mediums including tv, console and online gaming, web, mobile, tablet, and whatever's next.

David Ehlers
Creative Director & Founder

Tim has been developing software professionally for more than 20 years and has worked in many high tech industries including defense, telecom, finance and consumer entertainment. He was most recently leading the User Interface Engineering team at Netflix.

Tim Perry
Chief Technology Officer

Stephan is a senior product development executive in broadband video and digital media distribution, with extensive experience bringing new media consumer products from concept to market.

Stephan Fopeano
Product & Data Scientist

Todd Calvert, a Carnegie Mellon Grad, has 20 years of experience building power designs while working with clients from Walt Disney Imagineering, FOX, Icon Mobile, P&G, and more.

Todd Calvert
Lead UX Designer

Burbank, California