Watch ABC
Full Episode Player

Project Description

Watch your favorite ABC Full Episodes with the WATCH ABC player. Starting with the release of the iPhone and iPad, we designed the first ABC Full Episode player which has become an industry standard.

We continally refined the experience along with the ever changing look and feel of different branding campaigns.

Here are a few examples from the archives.

Microsoft Surface Tablet

While we designed the player across multiple platforms and devices, in this case study, here is designs for the Surface Tablet


We focused on initiating playback as quickly as possible and kept the focus on the show, not on the UI. Here are some web based designs inspired by a new branding update.

Additional Feature Ideation

We continually innovated new features for the full episode player platform. Here is one example of an updated clip sharing feature.


We extended the abc player design to a number of other plaftorms and devices.
Amazon Fire
Microsoft Surface
Apple TV
XBOX 360